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[pic] Ray

Hello everybody ♥

Wow, there is a long time since I posted last time :O. I don't remember when... But well !
I found on reina66  (we can find happiness on her LJ ♥♥♥ THANK YOU) a scan from Ray (october). And there is... Shinsako hehe !

Clap your hands for Shin-sako =DCollapse )

Picture ★ Shinjiro's Blog Entry

Helloooooooooooooooo ! ♥

Hehe, these last days are totally for us ! XD
I just went to their website, and when seeing the blog title, I knew it was Shinjiro.
(Yeah, I know, there are days for each member, but I just can't remember who's on which day --')
But I didn't expected the picture to be one for a post here ! :D

Anyway, after Chiaki's last entry, it's Shinjiro's turn to provide us a nice picture for our favorites pairings ! 8D

Well, as for a lot of their blog pictures, they're also with Naoya :D

I know I said I had a lot of things to post, but right now, I'm too lazy to post everything ! DX
See ya... on next blog entry maybe ? X3

TV Appearances and more ☆

Hello, hello ♪ I hope you're all fine.

I didn't post here since I came back from vacations because I was too lazy to do it.
(Yeah I know, I'm a bad updater, there are times I update everyday, and then I don't for weeks >.<)
So, to apologize, I have many things for you today ♥ :D (and a lot more to come later)

Hum... Let's start with this TV appearance from our beloved Shinjiro and Misako !
They were together @MJTVアーティスト・インタビュー (Music Japan TV Artist Interview) on the 01/08.
Thanks to our dear fans @attackallaround , you can download it here.
Here are some screencaps (click to enlarge). They are adorable together ♥ :3

More over thereCollapse )

As for nissychiaki , I have many other things to post here !
(As, for example, some gifs from Nihikime no Dojo episodes. There are really cute Shinsako moments in episode #11 ;D)
I'll try to post everything before school starts =] — See ya~♥

[Pic + Crosspost] Makenai Kokoro

Hello there ! ♥
As always, I have a picture for you :)
In their CD of Makenai Kokoro, some fans could have this picture .....

Shinsako ♥Collapse )

[PIC] Heart to ♥ tour 2010

WOW ! There is a long time that I didn't post here :O ! I'm sorry Q__Q
BUT I have something for you ↓

I found this picture on mbok, they are so cute ♥

Picspam ★ Heart to ♥ Tour

Hello, hello ♥ Long time, ne?
There is not so much activity here, so I think most of you went out on vacation, but well...
As I'll be going on vacation too, I thought I had to post en entry here before my depArture :)

GoodsOnDemand gallery for the Heart to ♥ Tour will be closed soon.
As I already made this one @nissychiaki (yeah, I often do the same here and there XD)
So, here are the Shinsako pictures that were available this year :)

(Click to enlarge)

And here is a bonus !Collapse )

Okay, now... See ya next week~♥ ;)

Heart to ♥ TOUR 2010 SPECIAL BLOG

Hey!Hey!Hey! =]
We didn't post here for almost a week =O So here I am ♥

Do you remember the ameblo they opened during their last Tour ?
>> Heart to ♥ TOUR 2010 SPECIAL BLOG <<
Among their 129 entries, there are especially 4 that are Shinsako ♥♥

I will post the pictures here, and you can click on them to go to these entries ;)
And I add a part of the entry, when they're talking about each other (with a quick translation) =]
/!\ These translations are really quick and not perfect at all, I helped myself with an online traductor to understand
(If I made a mistake, or misunderstood something, do not hesitate to correct me =D)

First, this one (I already posted @nissychiaki ) which is a Misako's entry (31st March 2010)

Studying English☆
彼 の英語力

She says that Shinjiro is "Studying
English" and that he makes progress =]

Then, this one (which is my favorite one ♥) from Shinjiro (19th April 2010)


He says that Naoya took this picture.
And Misako and himself are sleeping in the same way ♥

Another one from Shinjiro (25th April 2010)

He didn't say anything special about them two, but made remarks about the picture.
Roughly, what he said about the picture agreed with the fact it's funny =] (笑)=(Laughs)

[ And, as for the first picture, you can notice that they're with Naoya (what about my groups-pairings-theory ? XD) ]

The last one, which is from Misako (27th April 2010)



She tells us to look at Shinjiro's clothes.
She says that they're both wearing clothes with points
and that it's a bit embarrassing when they walk together

[ It's cuuuuuuuuuute ♥♥♥ ]

That will be all =] — See ya~♥
こんにちは。 Today is a gift-day ! =]
As for nissychiaki 's entry of the day, I have a gift for shinsako supporters ♥

This entry "crosses" (in the cross-posts sense) Nicchi's one I posted a few weeks ago
Yep, the 3rd AL Pamphlet and posters are Nicchi/Shinsako and agree with my pairing theory :D

Yaaay !Collapse )

See ya~♥

New Appearances

Hello ! I'm coming back after a three-days-break !
Quick entry for today !

The official website has been updated today (but nope, it's not the new layout yet DX)
Some new AAA appearances are announced on both TV and Radio
And for all of them, the members that will be there are : (宇野/與) ie. Misako & Shinjiro ♥

Here is the list of the future Shinsako appearances :
07/16 関西テレビ「週刊プラチケ!」(宇野/與) Twitterでこの記事をつぶやく new
  • 07/26~ Music Japan TV「宇野・與スペシャルインタビュー」(宇野/與)※リピート放送 Twitterでこの記事をつぶやく new
  • 07/31~08/06 Music Japan TV「Music Japan TV COUN DOWN」(宇野/與)※ リピート放送 Twitterでこの記事をつぶやく new
  • 08/01 Music Japan TV「Music Japan リクエスト J:COMスペシャル」(宇野/與) Twitterでこの記事をつぶやく new
07/27 FM大阪「happiness!!」(宇野/與) Twitterでこの記事をつぶやく new
Let's go on with 『未来世紀シェイクスピア』 (Mirai Seiki Shakespeare) =D
As spifle wrote here, the 5th play "King Lear" (episodes 9 & 10) is the Shinsako one

But in the 6th and last play "The Tempest", there is also a cute Shinsako moment ♥
And there are some others in the Making of these two episodes =3
You can have a preview by watching the Trailer below.

Gifs Spoiler and moreCollapse )

Here are the links for these episodes on Tudou :
Episode 11 - Episode 12
Making Of + DDL Link MU (Ripped by myself, please do not repost)


<< The better for my foes and the worse for my friends. >>
<< To be or not to be. >>

See ya~♥