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Hi guys ♥

What a long time, ne ? But here I am for you and for SHINSAKO =3
AAA filmed a CM for a brand of household products. You can see the video here.

And in this video, there is a cute Shinsako moment ↓

ENJOYCollapse )

Gif ★ ダイジナコト

As I posted that on my LJ, I just thought I should post it here too =D
(Even if it's only to try to reactivate this community a little bit XD)

Did you notice that moment in Daiji na koto PV ? ♥

Oh by the way, I think you don't look at it, but I updated the profile of this community.
It looks better now, ne ? ;D

[Cross-Post] CD&DL Data February 2011

Oh hey ! Long time, ne ?
But I'm coming back with a special gift for you ♥

Do you remember this issue of CD&DL Data with AAA Cover Special ?

I know you probably already seen scans of it.
But I made a higher resolution of those scans, especially for you ♥ (yeah, I know I'm kind 8D)

Special Nicchi+Shinsako Preview and DL LinksCollapse )

I also have other scans to share with you (Junon issues of November 2010 and March 2011 ;D)
But for today, that will be all. See ya~♥

Picture ★ Posted on Twitter

To go on with my entry of Thursday...

Remember Shin wrote he would show his photobook to Misako ?
Here is a picture she posted on twitter yesterday !

Haha yeah, he signed one for her ♥

It's happening on Twitter !!

Yeah, it's rare that I post two days in a row these last times...
But I wanted to share this with you ! :D

First, one thing I noticed that maybe you didn't pay attention to :
On twitter, Shin only follows, and is followed by, Misako and Naoya (from AAA) !
I don't know why not the others though :O

Then, as you know, today is the day of the release of Shin's Photobook 「Shinking」 !
And so, here they talk...Collapse )

Oh ! By the way, do you remember this tweet when Shin has just arrived on twitter ?

Picspam ★ オンタマ

Hello ! Hope you're all fine.
My apologies for the lack of post, but being a student is living busy ! XD

Anyway, do you want a piece of cake Shinsako♥ for the week ?
Did you see オンタマ (ONTAMA) ?

Here for the rest ♥Collapse )

That will be all for today. — See ya~ next week (I'm going back home :D)
Hello ♥ Long time, ne ? :3

Sorry for my long absence, but as explained on my LJ, I couldn't spend so much time on the web so...
Anyway, as I have a break and went back home, I'm here ! :D
I wanted to post that as soon as I was back, but in the end, I was to lazy to do it =/

Let's talk about their Heart to ♥ Tour 2010 ! <♪ ダイジェスト ♪>
I think you remember the few pictures we've already posted ~ ~ ~
As the DVD has been released exactly a month ago, I guess most of you have seen that concert !
And so, you know that there is a lot of Shinsako moments in it

Yep, dear Shinsako-supporters, this concert is for you ! :DCollapse )

I still have many other things I want to post right now. I hope I'll find time to do that before going back to school.
Wait for new entries soon ! ;)


[pic] Shinjiro's blog

Hello ^w^

This picture comes from AAA blog, today (26/09/10). They are so sweet

[pic] Pamphlet

Hello there =D

Short passage to show you this Shinsako picture from their 5th anniversary pamphlet. Hehe ♥

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[cross-post picture] CD Data


Hello :D

Well, on a-na-poo's and sugar3021's blogs, there are some pictures from the last CD Data. It's a picture of them but we can see... SHINSAKO ♥ (and nicchi )
It's a cute picture ♥

♫ ~~ ♪Collapse )